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The huge benefit of a Hot Deal voucher

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Get huge discounts through unrivalled deals.


Welcome, nice that you visit us!

Read here how to get a huge financial benefits through the "Hot Deal" voucher system that is offered free of charge by Totally Indonesia for visitors and all members.

With the rapidly growing customer and social network base through our platform, we help members to increase their brand awareness and sales, reduce costs and grow their business.

For visitors, "Hot Deal" vouchers are an easy way to get huge discounts through unrivaled deals on products, services or fun activities in any city of destination. The best daily local deals on Totally Indonesia cover 65 categories in services such as eat & drink, wholesale, retail, holiday, travel, sports & recreation, health & medical, real estate, culture, entertainment, education and many more services throughout Indonesia.

Redeem your obtained free of charge "Hot Deal" voucher by print, QR scan or by simply mentioning your one time only voucher code to the provider of the deal.

For entrepreneurs / members, the "Hot Deal" voucher is a marketing and sales tool with a large reach through the dynamic platform of Totally Indonesia which attracts new, curious and smart customers, and both target groups can save a lot of money. Thanks to advantages of scale and our network, Totally Indonesia is thé place to offer the visitor the best local deals in Indonesia through the "Hot Deals" page, wherever and whenever the consumer wants it.

Take advantage of it.

To view the best deals, go to our Hot Deals page.

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Are there extra costs for a Hot Deal voucher or campaign? One of the most important advantages of visiting or joining up with Totally Indonesia is that visitors and registered members do not have to pay any additional mandatory costs for offered services such as the "create deal" option.


Information special for members.

Reach an enormous audience with a "Hot Deal" voucher without extra payments, increase your brand awareness and gain profits with a local marketing campaign that works for you.

Lower the threshold for your guests to come in and make them an ambassador for your company.

Be found 24/7, 365 days and increase your reach through the combination of "Hot Deal" vouchers and direct communication via your personal pages on Totally Indonesia.

Offer high discounts via the "Hot Deal" voucher and still increase your turnover through good sales.

By using online promotion, e-mail and mobile channels, Totally Indonesia helps through the "make a deal voucher" to make every conceivable product and / or service available to the constantly growing active visitors and users.

Be found 24/7, 365 days and increase the reach for your cultural institution, activity or event using local marketing via the Totally Indonesia "Hot Deal" voucher. Reach both local customers and tourists and bring your brand to their attention.

Achieve high retention and greater brand awareness through the "Hot Deal" voucher and turn new customers into regular or fixed customers.

Create with "Hot Deal" vouchers throughout the year extra attention without it will cost you a penny more, and let customer visits to your pages increase exponentially.

Use the flexible "Hot Deal" voucher campaigns to promote your accommodation to a large audience and fill empty rooms to meet your business needs.

Reach companies and large groups through specified offers and lift your business to a higher level.

Use the "Hot Deal" voucher as a side product and reach customers from all over the country and even beyond.

As a member of Totally Indonesia you can optimize your "deal voucher" offers 24/7, learn more about customers and get ideas and insights through direct feedback and let your business grow.


Take the next step to grow your business and for more information about "make a Hot Deal voucher", opportunities for entrepreneurs and cooperation opportunities. Contact us, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you know enough already and want to become a member register here so you can get started.