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Rent out your property long term yourself

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Upload your property details and get your property live.


Rent your property yourself is easy and worth it.

A letting agent can save you the legwork and time if you have decided to rent out your home but will generally charge a shameless commission of around 10% of the rental income that you should receive.
And then we are still only talking about a listing and finding a tenant.

After a tenant is found and in place and whether you hired a manager or not, you are still the one who has the responsibility and pay the bill of keeping control of your tenants, service most of their issues, keep good relations with them, and have a watch on the property.

Whether you're buying, rent out or looking for a home, every search for a house starts on the internet.
Totally Indonesia provides a platform to be in control when you want to rent out your property privately and minimal get the same result as with a traditional agency or online listing agency. Why pay agent fees, high commissions or package prices for services you do not really need when you are welcome to become a member of Totally Indonesia and advertise your property online and get the same result when every Rupiah counts?

Why advertise on Totally Indonesia?

For them who've never rented out a property before we know that renting out a property, not to mention your own property can be an exciting process. There is no need to worry because we are here to help and created our valuable E-Book to guide you step by step to get the most out of renting your property.
Totally Indonesia is not an online estate agency selling costly packages that offers services you do not really need. We believe that people are willing to take matter in their own hands and we offer them the tools to be 100% in control.  

Rent out your home free of commission, agent fees or package prices with Totally Indonesia and reach millions of people with the help of our online property search function that makes it easy to browse through our property listings and see what's out there.


Why would a tenant rent directly from me?

If tenants knows exactly what they are looking for or they are not at all sure, surfing around on Totally Indonesia is often the easiest way of deciding and see what's available. By finding the property on Totally Indonesia the tenant is able to make direct contact with the owner to make an appointment without the hassle of a third party.

Contact direct with the owner means that the process: is transparent, cost efficient for both parties, offers space for financial requests and there is direct feedback on any question. After all, whether you are a landlord or tenant, it is important to know with who you are dealing with to build up trust. A third party is previously a disturbing factor during this process.

Be in control, boost your listing with our services.

Take control of your property and save money.

Millions of people who are looking for a property if it’s for rent or sale, daily visit suitable websites with properties from the area where they want to be. Replace with our help the traditional or costly agents and take the marketing of your property in your own hands to save time and money.

When you choose Totally Indonesia to promote your property online, you can be confident that you promote your house on one of Indonesians bests long term rentals property portals, and that we promote your property with Google Adwords, Bing ads and Social Media.

Getting your property live.

It’s a simple process: become a valued member and download the E-Book that contains the instructions, a checklist and a lot of tips. Upload your property details or send us the information and we will do it for you to make your property go live.

Check out what we promise you.

Our service for members is to the point, free of commissions, fees or hidden taxes and straightforward. Take a look to see what we offer you. We have made it so easy for you.

Motivated developers have been involved to customize this site to make it very popular, easy to use, stable, secure and fit to specific needs. - Mobile and Tablet friendly to stay in touch while you’re on the go. - Map pinpointing with advertising info about your property. - Search Engine Friendly / Multilingual / Multi-User Permission Levels - Showing instant rates, reviews, address and contact details. - Upload photos and video to promote your property and increase search results.
Each member is able to download the inspiring E-Book with answers to questions that each owner wants to know. We’ve created this E-Book to help you get started, and to show you how simple, fun and rewarding it can be to rent your vacation home. So when you come home to inspect your property, your home is not away. This E-Book contains instructions, checklists and great tips about maximize search efficiency, headlines and descriptions to register your property on Totally Indonesia.
You present your property on Totally Indonesia with full description, all features presented to benefit, location map and up to 20 photos. But you are also able to separately share personal information about yourself or your business, select promotional tags and SEO metadata you feel comfortable with. Placement is 12 months without extra costs.
Discretion and privacy is guaranteed. Totally Indonesia will not block telephone numbers, mail addresses or other important information that is needed to make direct contact with travelers. Totally Indonesia will also not share information other than visible on the site with third parties.
Look as often as you want at the live statistics and use them to benefit your ratings. You know exactly what the range of your ad is.
Once your property has been placed you can make changes to your advertising any time and as much as you want, free of charge.
Totally Indonesia is founder of the totally brand and a full range category website with maximum reach of viewers. The site and its information is exposed by a variety of other websites who are related with the categories and sharing the news.
Totally Indonesia advertises with Google AdWords and Bing ads and we will use your advertising on temporary occasions.
Photographs are essential if you successfully want to rent out a property. Making the wright photos does not always seem easy, but you do not have to be a professional to make good pictures. Learn about the tips and tricks in our E-Book and make realistic photos and save money.
Presenting your own home is what it is all about and with a video you get higher search results and potential travelers will send sooner inquiries or make direct contact. Difficult? Not really and you will be proud after you made your video with the professional tips in our E-Book.
Of course we are actively informing travelers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but you can also do a lot yourself. Not versed in the use of social media to promote your property? Then the E-Book is a godsend. Discover how to use this important network in a simple way to bring your home to the attention of travelers.
During the process you will definitely get or have questions. The E-Book answers to most of these questions and gives you information about where you can collect the most reliable and relevant information yourself.

I am interested and want to get my property live.

It’s a simple process: become a valued member and download the E-Book that contains the instructions, a checklists and a lot of tips. Upload your property details or send us the information and we will do it for you to make your property go live.

Not sure yet? Get in touch with us, and let us answer all of your questions and inform you about the benefits for your business by being a member of Totally Indonesia.

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