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Selling your property yourself

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Sell your property yourself free of any commission.


Every search for a house starts on the internet.

Not only because of lack of understanding, rumors and misconceptions of the real estate law  in Indonesia, the real estate business was for many years full of confusion and housing agencies and real estate brokers had a monopoly status in the business.
Most of these misguiding factors were daily practice for housing agencies and real estate brokers because of the low barrier for ‘agents’ to enter the business. For many years and still, any person who claims to have knowledge of the property sector (even they who have not) can exercise a business like this to make money with a minimal amount of work.

Many times we heard from home owners that housing agencies or real estate brokers are:
not involved,  not transparent,  not worth the fee, and that they, like many others who want to sell their house have the feeling that housing agencies or real estate brokers offer little effort and that all the initiatives and creativity has to come from themselves.

Well, than you can better do it yourself!

Totally Indonesia 100% agree and we believe that homeowners like none else are able to sell their homes themselves. Selling your home yourself is fun to do, easier than you think and you’re saving yourself thousands of euro’s to keep in your pocket.
Moreover, no-one knows so much about the house and the neighborhood then the seller itself. Millions of people who are looking for a house for sale or want to sell their home, daily visit online estate listing websites who try to sell listing packages to homeowners. Replace with our help the traditional housing agents and save on high commissions or avoid costly packages of online estate listing brokers and promote your property with Totally Indonesia and deal directly with buyers, get the price you want and save thousands in commissions. That’s all!

Why advertise on Totally Indonesia?

Because it is so simple! And, because it’s worth it.

Agencies are nervously summing up all kind of reasons why you will not be the wright person to sell your house yourself (mostly focusing on emotional reasons) or why your house is not suitable for selling without an agent (especially the more expensive ones off course) and go that far by scarring people that buyer agents would not want to show your house to their clients or even that you put yourself at risk of being sued.

You know better, wright?

Totally Indonesia is not an online listing estate agency selling costly packages you do not really need, instead we offer members all the necessary tools and help for them who are unfamiliar with the real estate industry to take matters into their own hands. Totally Indonesia does not have any self-interest through commissions in real estate trading and therefore we can guarantee members and visitors that we are impartial and do not provide knowingly misleading information through our site.

We believe that people are willing and able to take matter in their own hands and we offer them all the necessary tools while being 100% in self-control.  Why pay agent fees, high commissions or package prices for services you do not really need when you simply can become a member of Totally Indonesia and advertise your property (and more) online on one of your own pages without paying any commissions and get the maximum result when every Rupiah counts?

The benefits of selling your home yourself with the help of Totally Indonesia:
- You can save a fortune (every € 100.000 you save min. € 5.000 commission).
- Because of that you are in a better position for sharp offers and negotiations.
- You can switch faster.
- It’s fun and rewarding to sell your house yourself.
- You have complete insight (transparency).
- You are 100% 24/7 in control of your listing
- Your enthusiasm increases the chances of success.
- You organize and promote an auction day when it suits you.
- You organize and promote an open houses or whether to have private
   viewings, and handle all the inquiries yourself.

The challenge of selling your home yourself?
- Negotiation (Totally Indonesia's E-Book offers support).
- Legal aspects (Totally Indonesia's E-Book and website offers information).
- Missing expertise in visual promotion (Really? Totally Indonesia's E-book offers support).

Nobody can sell your house as well as you.

Sell your home commission and package-free with Totally Indonesia, reach millions of house hunters with the help of our online property sales platform in Indonesia. Selling your home yourself seems a big step and can be very exciting or even scary. Especially when agencies say that it comes to pricing, negotiation and financial settlement, people may have the idea that they don’t have the knowledge for this. Nonsense, and yes it will cost you some hours work but actually, it’s quiet easy and if that can save yourself thousands of euro’s than it’s worth it wright?

Getting your property live.

It’s a simple process: become a valued member and download the E-Book that contains the instructions, a checklist and a lot of tips. Upload your property details and your property will go live. Need help? We are there in case.

Check out what we promise you.

Our service for members is to the point, free of commissions or hidden fees and straightforward. Take a look to see what we offer you. We have made it so easy for you.

You expand your property on Totally Indonesia with full description, all features, and location map with up to 20 photos, and an embedded social media or video option (link). Placement of your property on your personal pages are during the term of your membership without extra costs.
Before and once your property is uploaded and active, you are allowed to make changes to your ad by yourself 24/7, free of charge. Easy.
Look as often as you want at the available statistics. You know exactly what the range of your ad is.
You can place an open house or auction ad for free on your personal pages.
Each member is able to download the inspiring E-Book with answers to questions that each buyer or seller wants to know. This E-Book also contains instructions, a checklist and great suggestions to register your property on totally Indonesia and present it at its best.
In our E-Book we inform you how to make a reliable indication of the current home value. In addition, you can set the upper and lower limit which you can use to determine the asking price.
A for sale sign or window poster is a very good way of promoting and is very easy to do by following the instructions in our E-Book. Save yourself unnecessary package prices.
A map can’t be missed in a professional presentation of a property. A potential buyer can see at a glance where the bathroom is in relation to the bedroom, what shape the different rooms and spaces have and how big it is. In the E-Book we show you how to do it for free.
Photographs are important if you want to sell a property. Making the wright photos does not always seem easy, but you do not have to be a professional to make good pictures. Learn about the tips and tricks in our E-Book and make realistic photos and save money.
Separating your own home from the rest can be perfect with a video. You get higher search results and potential buyers will visit the house sooner. Difficult? Not really and you will be proud after you made your video with the professional tips in our E-Book and it will be a nice remembrance for after the sale.
Of course we are actively working for you on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but also you can do a lot yourself. Not versed in the use of social media to sell your property? Then the E-Book is a godsend. Discover how to use this important network in a simple way to bring your home to the attention of house hunters.
During the sale you will definitely get questions. The E-Book provide answers to most of these questions and gives you information about where you can collect information yourself.

Not sure yet? Get in touch with us, and let us answer all of your questions and inform you about the benefits for your business by being a member of Totally Indonesia.

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