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News article advertising on Totally Indonesia has opened the doors for brands and small businesses without appearing as a blogger. Become part of everyday conversations for news, education, entertainment, products and services with consumers on a trusted platform like Totally Indonesia.

Save thousands of euro’s / roepia with investing in a membership and share stories to build audiences and increase exposure for your brand.

Members can supply news articles at any time. If these items are approved by Totally Indonesia they will be placed as soon as possible.

Delivery specifications:

Featured Image - Dimensions 900 pixels (wide) x 522 pixels (high)
Other images - Minimal 200 pixels (wide) / Maximum 900 pixels (high)
Text - there is no limit here

* Keep in mind that all images must be of good quality

The news articles can be delivered to this e-mail address
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.